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Long Distance Towing in Calgary

When you wish to move your car a long distance away without having to drive it, or when the car is disabled and unable to transport without extensive repairs, long-distance towing is a viable option. Whether you need long-distance towing across the state, region, or country, contact us for safe vehicle transport.

We specialize in what you require, we safely transport your automobile to a new place. So whether it’s down the street or across the country, running or not running, we’ve got you covered.

This service is available throughout the country, and we ship cars door to door for you to safely and securely ship your automobile to and from any location. Long-distance towing involves loading vehicles onto a car transporter. A car carrier is typically long and can hold up to two tiers of vehicles. We can manage long-distance tows to the next town or even across the nation. In our network of qualified carriers, we deal with local operators.

Why Choose Us?

We are a professional company with highly-trained staff and equipment to provide you with a seamless towing solution. Our strengths are:

● Complete security

We safely elevate, cover, and secure your vehicle on a flatbed tow truck. When using ordinary towing, there are various reasons, which can cause damage to a car. Because the wheels are still on the road, they can wear out while moving, and because your car is exposed, it will be more affected by bad weather or accidents. The gears inside the transmission move as a result of this rotation, which wears down the transmission on your vehicle. Our norms of long-distance towing involve placing your vehicle on a flatbed and keeping it stationary. Towing with a flatbed is healthier for your transmission than towing with a trailer. Traditional towing methods cause your vehicle’s wheels to revolve throughout the journey.

● Versatility

We can tow any type of vehicle seamlessly preventing all risks of damage or theft. Certain vehicles cannot be hauled or are not economically viable to pull using typical methods because they are either too large, exotic, or luxury vehicles, or motorcycles. You can transport trucks or SUVs when you use a long-distance tow truck, that we provide.

● Budget-Friendly
We take care of your pocket-pinch. Hence, we designed packages that ensure your vehicle’s safety and match your budget.

Your vehicle breakdown counts on us; hence, we are vigilant to reach you on time and provide superlative service taking away all your worries. Contact us now to know more.