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We have experience in dealing with a variety of vehicles and towing issues. Our team proudly provides roadside assistance, recovery, and vehicle transport on time.

We provide automotive towing, roadside assistance, large vehicles, truck towing, car unlock service, battery boosting and more.


Car unlock service in Calgary

We offer car door unlocking services for all makes and models of vehicles. You'll never have to worry about locking your keys inside your vehicle again with our speedy lockout services accessible throughout our service region. Our educated and experienced workers know how to open car doors without damaging them. Your automobile will be unlocked by us shortly after we get the call from you. This is a common scenario: you close the door and realize your keys are dangling from the ignition or sitting in the center console. You're locked out because you don't have a spare key. Car lockouts are inconvenient, to say the least. The truth is that attempting to unlock your automobile without professional tools and knowledge of how to use them can result in serious and expensive damage to your vehicle. Picking a lock is more difficult than it appears, and you risk damaging it to the point where a key will no longer fit inside.   How long does it take to get a car unlocked? It takes around 5 minutes to remedy a standard car lockout. Most cars can be opened swiftly and easily by our highly skilled technicians. It may take a few minutes longer if your automobile has a more complicated security system. However, our expert technicians take extra precautions to protect the vehicle from unwanted harm. For a roadside service automobile lockout, simply call us and get a ready solution. We know how to get into your locked car. If you require a new set of keys, we may also provide emergency key replacement.   Various systems to unlock your roadside locked vehicle We have a variety of mechanisms to break into vehicles, all of which differ depending on the type of vehicle and the type of lock system.  

  • Manipulation of Internal Linkages Within the Door
To unlock automobile doors, locksmiths have a variety of tools at their disposal. These tools are usually small pieces of metal with hooks at ends that are put between the car's glass and weatherstrip, allowing the locksmith to handle the door's linkages, levers, and rods.  
  • Lishi's Pick mechanism
Lishi pick is a unique line of titanium picks that opens car doors. When utilizing a Lishi pick, the locksmith first determines the keyway and then chooses the best pick for the job. The Lishi pick is then placed into the automobile lock, and each wafer inside the lock is set one by one until it is in the proper position. Once this is done, the Lishi pick will be able to turn and unlock your car. Although this method of opening a car door saves time, not all keyways are compatible with one pick.  
  • Air Wedge
An air wedge is an inflatable bag that we place between the doorway and is probably the quickest and safest approach. When the air wedge is in place, it inflates to hold the door open long enough to employ a long reach tool.  
  • Probe
A probe is a long-reach tool, which unlocks the door when an air wedge has made a gap. To hit the lock/unlock button inside your car, probes are useful for making space in the wedge. Do not worry about a locked car on the roadside. Just reach you! We unlock safely and in a short timeline.

Battery boost service in Calgary

We’ll deliver battery boosting specialists to your pin location in no time, whenever or wherever your vehicle's battery decides to take a nap in Calgary. We will supply you with a rapid and economical battery boosting or jump-start service, removing the stress from this inconvenient situation. Our highly skilled and certified mechanics and technicians fix, repair, or replace your vehicle's battery. We guarantee that you're in good hands and that the battery-boosting service we provide will meet your expectations. We apply safe battery boosting techniques and pinpoint the source of your vehicle's battery problems.   Our years of experience enhances our perfection & expertise We are one of the most popular on-the-spot assistance options for vehicle owners. We are extremely competent in providing battery-boosting service with the highest level of care and professionalism. Rather than attempting self-hacks, it is advisable that you get your vehicle jump start by a competent professional. When a customer calls us for a battery jump-start, we guarantee to arrive within 30 minutes and check for alert signals on the dashboard cluster instrument, battery voltage on the vehicle’s battery cells and check if those are healthy enough to boost.   Why Choose us? We are one of the industry-leading battery boosting or roadways towing solutions in Calgary. Your valuable time counts on us; hence, readily available to provide you with :

  • Quick, efficient, and insured service
  • Budget-friendly battery boosting service
  • Relaible & dynamic service
  • Licensed, trained, and experienced technicians
  • Battery replacement
  • On-time service.
  When you're in need of a battery boosting service? If you try to start your car and receive a complete silence or a peculiar clicking sound; however, the car does not start, you should contact a professional towing company for assistance. You may also need to contact a professional because some models and cars are more difficult to jump-start than others, and maybe difficult to jump-start with simply jump cables. It's not easy to charge a battery! Boosting a battery is attaching a booster pack to the battery to increase its power. This can be difficult because batteries are positioned in different places on different cars and trucks. The battery is located in the front of some vehicles. Some vehicles, such as jeeps, loaders, and vans, may have it in the trunk, while others, such as jeeps, loaders, and vans, may have it under the driver's seat. This is why you need professionals on your side to assist you in reaching and recharging your battery. Contact Roadways Towing whenever your vehicle is at pause. We extend a platform to let you get the superlative service in a budget-friendly package.

Long distance towing in Calgary

When you wish to move your car a long distance away without having to drive it, or when the car is disabled and unable to transport without extensive repairs, long-distance towing is a viable option. Whether you need long-distance towing across the state, region, or country, contact us for safe vehicle transport. We specialize in what you require, we safely transport your automobile to a new place. So whether it's down the street or across the country, running or not running, we've got you covered. This service is available throughout the country, and we ship cars door to door for you to safely and securely ship your automobile to and from any location. Long-distance towing involves loading vehicles onto a car transporter. A car carrier is typically long and can hold up to two tiers of vehicles. We can manage long-distance tows to the next town or even across the nation. In our network of qualified carriers, we deal with local operators. Why Choose Us? We are a professional company with highly-trained staff and equipment to provide you with a seamless towing solution. Our strengths are: ● Complete security We safely elevate, cover, and secure your vehicle on a flatbed tow truck. When using ordinary towing, there are various reasons, which can cause damage to a car. Because the wheels are still on the road, they can wear out while moving, and because your car is exposed, it will be more affected by bad weather or accidents. The gears inside the transmission move as a result of this rotation, which wears down the transmission on your vehicle. Our norms of long-distance towing involve placing your vehicle on a flatbed and keeping it stationary. Towing with a flatbed is healthier for your transmission than towing with a trailer. Traditional towing methods cause your vehicle's wheels to revolve throughout the journey. ● Versatility We can tow any type of vehicle seamlessly preventing all risks of damage or theft. Certain vehicles cannot be hauled or are not economically viable to pull using typical methods because they are either too large, exotic, or luxury vehicles, or motorcycles. You can transport trucks or SUVs when you use a long-distance tow truck, that we provide. ● Budget-Friendly We take care of your pocket-pinch. Hence, we designed packages that ensure your vehicle's safety and match your budget. Your vehicle breakdown counts on us; hence, we are vigilant to reach you on time and provide superlative service taking away all your worries. Contact us now to know more.

Roadside towing assistance Calgary

Towing services provide the assistance that you require when stuck in between the road due to your vehicle breaking down. We can provide you with an end-to-end vehicle recovery service or towing service. It's a nightmare to have car issues in the middle of the road with no one to help you. Being stranded and powerless is never a pleasant experience. When you're out on the road, having breakdown coverage provides you with both safety and reassurance. If your car breaks down on the road or refuses to start, having our contact details on your mobile phone serves as a one-stop solution for all your issues. We assist you in recovering your vehicle in an emergency, particularly in the tragic event of a roadside collision. These collisions are relatively regular, and the increasing number of vehicles on the road has tenfold increased the odds of one occurring.   Our range of towing or recovery services are:

  1. Unlock Service
  2. Battery Boost
  3. Long Distance Towing
  4. Tire Change
  5. Roadside Towing Assistance
  We provide light-weight & heavy-weight recovery services The weight of the vehicle that needs to be recovered is the fundamental difference between light-duty and heavy-duty recovery. Larger vehicles that fall off the road and require a bigger towing capacity require heavy-duty recovery. A semi-truck is three times the weight of a conventional automobile. Heavier vehicles, such as trailers, buses, SUVs, and tractors, cannot be retrieved by a conventional tow truck. We have an industry-leading team, with relevant machinery and towing system to recover your vehicle of any weight, shape, or status.   Big-duty recovery is a challenging undertaking since it necessitates several considerations to secure everyone's safety and the precise recovery of the heavy vehicle. We have the skills and equipment to undertake heavy-duty recovery. We are proactive and vigilant to minimize any damages and assess special considerations in order to establish the optimal recovery technique. We may utilize a forklift, rotator, airbag recovery system, duty wrecker, various recovery tools, and even a crane to properly recover heavy-duty automobiles.   We are just a call away from you! We know all roads and traffic patterns in Calgary; hence you can rely on us to discover the quickest route to your destination without jeopardizing the safety of your vehicle. We'll tow your vehicle to the location of your choice. With just a phone call and a small price, you'll have access to an accomplishing towing or recovery service. Hence, now you are absolutely safe & free of worries while on road. Just call us and we will rescue you soon.

Tire Change Service in Calgary

Although changing a flat tire appears to be a straightforward procedure; however, there are a number of circumstances that can transform a simple flat tire into a potentially fatal mishap. To change a tire safely and correctly, you'll need all of the necessary tools and a proficient technician. Hence, we are a call away to reach the location where your vehicles need a tire change or have a breakdown due to faulty tires. While you are on the road, your safety counts on us. Therefore, we will ensure that all the parts of your vehicles run well and do not incur any accidents. Our expert technician can take care of all types of vehicles precisely with care and precaution. Do not risk the safety of your car by just any tire changing or towing service. We have tears of expertise in enabling you the industry-standard and customized service.   Our wide range of tire stock can fit your vehicle We have a wide range of tires with us to provide you with ready service during your emergency time on the road. Wherever you have a vehicle breakdown due to a faulty tire or any other mechanical issue we will reach with our towing and recovery service. Moreover, we ensure service delivery within the least time.   Why choose our tire change service?

  • We provide the best-priced and quality tires for your vehicle.
  • Wheel alignment check
  • Rotation check
  • Road hazard protection
  When does your tire need a change? If you detect unusual wear patterns or decreased fuel efficiency (lower mpg), it's time to replace your tires. New tires can help you save money on petrol while also improving your safety on the road. Your automobile begins to lose grip when driving even before the tires are totally worn down, especially in bad weather. Allow us to assist you in selecting and installing your next set of tires.   Where do your tires wear down and how do they wear down? If you reside in a damp, hot, or humid region, your tires will wear out more quickly than in other parts of the country. Your tires may be in worse shape than you think if you frequently drive through mud, snow, or slippery terrain. Nails and other hazards on city streets can cause flat tires and low tire tread. Some other causes are:   Style of driving If you drive at a high pace and accelerate frequently with abrupt braking, your tires may slip or spin, causing them to wear down more quickly.   Frequency of driving If you are a daily commuter who travels long distances, your tires will quickly wear down due to the increased frequency of use.   Inadequate tire inflation Your tires will quickly wear out if they aren't properly inflated. Tire inflation ensures that your tires can manage the weight, distribution, braking, and other external forces that your vehicle encounters. When you stop or turn in a given direction, your tires' tread may wear down quickly or unevenly if they're out of alignment.   Tire misalignment The alignment of your wheels and tires ensures that your vehicle goes in the proper direction without tilting or misalignment. We can diagnose and maintain your vehicle and provide towing service whenever and wherever you need it. Contact us to get more details.  

Calgary Impound Services

Navigating the Calgary Impound Process with Roadways Towing When your vehicle is impounded in Calgary, it can be a stressful and confusing situation. At Roadways Towing, we understand the challenges you may face, and we're here to guide you through the Calgary impound process. We'll provide you with valuable information on impoundment in Calgary and how Roadways Towing can be your trusted partner during these challenging times. Understanding Calgary Impound What You Need to Know? Calgary impoundment occurs when your vehicle is towed and held by the city authorities or private impound lots for various reasons, including parking violations, unpaid fines, or vehicle-related offenses. It's essential to know why your vehicle was impounded, as this determines the necessary steps for recovery. Roadways Towing - Your Impound Solution A Helping Hand in Your Time of Need Swift Response: When your vehicle is impounded, the clock starts ticking. Roadways Towing provides a rapid response to help you retrieve your vehicle promptly. Experienced Team: Our professional team is well-versed in the Calgary impound process. We know the ins and outs of impoundment regulations and will assist you in navigating them efficiently. Documentation Assistance: Impoundment often involves paperwork and documentation. We'll guide you through the necessary forms and help you complete them accurately. Safe Vehicle Retrieval: We prioritize the safe retrieval of your vehicle, ensuring it's in the same condition as when it was impounded. Why Choose Roadways Towing for Impound Services Your Trusted Impound Partner Expertise: Our experience in the towing and impound industry makes us your reliable choice. We understand the specific requirements of impoundment in Calgary. Round-the-clock service: Vehicle impoundment doesn't follow a schedule. We're available round the clock to assist you in your time of need. Customer-Centric Approach: We value our customers, and we strive to make the impound retrieval process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Calgary impoundment doesn't have to be a daunting experience. With Roadways Towing by your side, you have a trusted partner to help you navigate the process and retrieve your vehicle without unnecessary hassle. When your vehicle ends up in the impound lot, remember that Roadways Towing is here to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Your vehicle's safe return is our top priority, and we're here to make it happen.