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Car unlock service in Calgary

We offer car door unlocking services for all makes and models of vehicles. You’ll never have to worry about locking your keys inside your vehicle again with our speedy lockout services accessible throughout our service region. Our educated and experienced workers know how to open car doors without damaging them.

Your automobile will be unlocked by us shortly after we get the call from you. This is a common scenario: you close the door and realize your keys are dangling from the ignition or sitting in the center console. You’re locked out because you don’t have a spare key. Car lockouts are inconvenient, to say the least.

The truth is that attempting to unlock your automobile without professional tools and knowledge of how to use them can result in serious and expensive damage to your vehicle. Picking a lock is more difficult than it appears, and you risk damaging it to the point where a key will no longer fit inside.


How long does it take to get a car unlocked?

It takes around 5 minutes to remedy a standard car lockout. Most cars can be opened swiftly and easily by our highly skilled technicians. It may take a few minutes longer if your automobile has a more complicated security system. However, our expert technicians take extra precautions to protect the vehicle from unwanted harm.

For a roadside service automobile lockout, simply call us and get a ready solution. We know how to get into your locked car. If you require a new set of keys, we may also provide emergency key replacement.


Various systems to unlock your roadside locked vehicle

We have a variety of mechanisms to break into vehicles, all of which differ depending on the type of vehicle and the type of lock system.


  • Manipulation of Internal Linkages Within the Door

To unlock automobile doors, locksmiths have a variety of tools at their disposal. These tools are usually small pieces of metal with hooks at ends that are put between the car’s glass and weatherstrip, allowing the locksmith to handle the door’s linkages, levers, and rods.


  • Lishi’s Pick mechanism

Lishi pick is a unique line of titanium picks that opens car doors. When utilizing a Lishi pick, the locksmith first determines the keyway and then chooses the best pick for the job. The Lishi pick is then placed into the automobile lock, and each wafer inside the lock is set one by one until it is in the proper position. Once this is done, the Lishi pick will be able to turn and unlock your car. Although this method of opening a car door saves time, not all keyways are compatible with one pick.


  • Air Wedge

An air wedge is an inflatable bag that we place between the doorway and is probably the quickest and safest approach. When the air wedge is in place, it inflates to hold the door open long enough to employ a long reach tool.


  • Probe

A probe is a long-reach tool, which unlocks the door when an air wedge has made a gap. To hit the lock/unlock button inside your car, probes are useful for making space in the wedge.

Do not worry about a locked car on the roadside. Just reach you! We unlock safely and in a short timeline.